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Pasta making series: ravioli & agnolotti

Event DateWednesday 24th April, 2019

Event Date6:30pm

Chef and Pasta Master Sergio Cinti will teach you all the secrets of egg pasta making. Originally ... Read More >>

Mozzarella Making Workshop

Event DateFriday 26th April, 2019

Event Date6:00pm

Learn how to make your own home made cheese! Join Paula Maddison who has been teach... Read More >>
miss calabria

Calabrese Cultural Society presents Miss Calabria 2019

Event DateSaturday 27th April, 2019

Event Date6:00pm

Doors open at 6:00 pm and dinner is served at 7:15 pm. Tickets for this event are $75; $1 for every ... Read More >>

Baby and Toddler Sleep Workshop

Event DateMonday 29th April, 2019

Event Date5:00pm

This workshop is designed for parents of children 18 weeks to 18 months who are struggling with thei... Read More >>

Italian Movie Night

Event DateMonday 29th April, 2019

Event Date6:30pm

Migliora l'italiano con il cinema! Ogni film viene proiettato in italiano con sottotitoli in italian... Read More >>

Wax Magic: Salve Making Workshop

Event DateTuesday 30th April, 2019

Event Date6:30pm

Participants will learn foundational techniques for rendering beeswax, infusing oils and making natu... Read More >>
sausage making

Sausage Making Workshop

Event DateWednesday 1st May, 2019

Event Date6:30pm

Join us in learning the art of making sausages from scratch. Discover the secrets of old-school  Read More >>

SFU Philosophers' Café

Event DateThursday 2nd May, 2019

Event Date7:00pm

The Philosophers’ Café is a series of informal public discussions in libraries, cafés and rest... Read More >>

Vicentini Society’s Spring Banquet

Event DateSaturday 4th May, 2019

Event Date6:00pm

Doors open at 6:00 pm and dinner starts at 7:15 pm. Tickets are $65. For information or tickets, cal... Read More >>

Children Sleep Workshop

Event DateMonday 6th May, 2019

Event Date6:00pm

This two-hour seminar is perfect for parents with a child 18 months to 6 years of age (and beyond) ... Read More >>

Italian Bread & Pizza

Event DateMonday 6th May, 2019

Event Date6:30pm

Join Fabrizio in this intimate, hands-on class on Italian bread and pizza... Read More >>

Italian Ladies Club

Event DateTuesday 7th May, 2019

Event Date9:30am

Monthly meeting at 9:30am. Special guest: Father Alessandro Lovato, pastor at St. Helen’s Church, ... Read More >>

Making Chocolate from the Bean

Event DateWednesday 8th May, 2019

Event Date6:30pm

Grab your apron and join us for a fun hands-on workshop about making choco... Read More >>

Taste of Sicilia

Event DateFriday 10th May, 2019

Event Date6:00pm

Join us in this exploration of foodie highlights of the wonderful island of Sicilia. Doors open at 6... Read More >>

DIY Paper Flowers for Mother's Day - Workshop

Event DateSaturday 11th May, 2019

Event Date11:00am

Make your own beautiful long lasting crepe paper peonies!

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