Covid-19 Protocol for “Vacanze in Italiano”

We are delighted to re-open the doors of the Italian School at the Italian Cultural Centre to children and parents for “Vacanze in italiano” a Summer Camp for children 6 – 11 years old. To ensure the safety of children and teachers in this challenging moment, we kindly ask you to follow these guidelines.


• Allow more time when leaving and departing since procedures will take longer than usual.
• The main entrance on Slocan Street will be the single-entry point for all children.
• You will be asked to wait for your turn outside the main entrance, in piazza Caboto, where there will be markers on the floor to follow social distance practices. Markers will also be placed under the portico in case of rain.
• The teacher will greet you outside the main entrance and take one child at the time or children from the same household, into the classroom.
• Before entering the class, children will be asked to wash their hands.
• The same procedures will be followed for the departure of the children.


• Activities will take place in a room where other members of the Italian Cultural Centre staff will be asked not to enter.
• We will arrange tables and spaces in the room so that children can maintain physical distance. We will also use outdoors spaces to enhance physical distancing. Many activities will take place outdoor in the park adjacent to the Centre where we have plenty of space and shade too.
• If possible, we will be keeping windows and doors open and not using the air conditioning.
• Tables and other surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized with government health approved disinfectant before and after activities.
• All staff will be required to use gloves when cleaning.
• The rest of the facilities will be cleaned as well throughout the day by the janitors.
• The staff will use a mask in case distancing is not possible to maintain (from crying to first aid).
• At this time, children will not use toys or shared material.
• We will create learning activities and games to promote physical distancing.
• We will remind children to cough into the elbow.


• Please pack lunch and drinks for your children for the day.
• Lunch bags and all personal items will need to be in a backpack that children will keep on their assigned chair.
• Lunch and utensils will not be shared.


• We will have four bathroom breaks during the day. Our teacher and assistants will make sure children will wash their hands as per the six steps of proper hand washing
1. Wet hands with warm running water.
2. Apply a small amount of liquid soap. Antibacterial soap is not required.
3. Rub hands together for at least 20 seconds (sing the ABC’s). Rub palms, backs of hands, between fingers and under nails/creating a lather.
4. Rinse off all soap with running water.
5. Dry hands with a clean, disposable towel.
6. Discard the used towel in the waste container.
• On top of these breaks, children will be accompanied to the washroom whenever needed (i.e., if their hands get dirtied, after sneezing or coughing in their hand) while the rest of the children will remain supervised.
• We will keep hand sanitizers in all areas used by children and parents


• We ask to check children temperature before coming to school and not to attend if anyone in the household is sick.
• If children display symptoms, we will contact you and ask you to come and pick up the child. Please make sure that a parent or guardian will always be available during the school day if needed.
• Sick children will remain in a separate, supervised area until they go home.
• If a member of the staff feels sick, we will ask them to leave right away.
• We will contact authorities to inform about any suspect case.


• On top of sharing this COVID-19 enhanced health policy, we will communicate with parents via email and phone.
• If you have travelled in the last two weeks, please follow government guidelines, and don’t attend until is safe to do so.