Join fellow lovers of the Italian language and culture to explore and discuss great authors.

Our meeting facilitator, Michele, is used to plan and share a guide with some interesting notes regarding the author, the issue of the book of the month and more. Be aware that you will receive a few chapters to read for each books selected. Join the group filling out the form below.

For Intermediate and Advanced Readers.

  • Every 2nd Monday of each month
  • From January to June 2022, 6:00pm – 7:30pm on ZOOM
  • Free for all ICCS Members. So, don’t forget to renew your Membership or to get a new one!

10 gennaio 2022 – Vicino e Distante (Camilla Cederna)

14 febbraio 2022 – Sei casi al BarLume (Marco Malvaldi)

14 marzo 2022 – Carissimi Miei (Stefania Ciccone – l’autrice sarà presente all’incontro!)

11 aprile 2022 – Amori Difficili (Italo Calvino)

9 maggio 2022 – Niente e Così Sia (Oriana Fallaci)

13 giugno 2022 – Sei Come Sei (Malania Mazzucco)

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