Learn Italian with Us

Our mission is to promote the Italian language and to share it within our community. With over thirty years of experience, Il Centro is now an integral part of Vancouver’s Italian cultural and educational landscape.

Our Italian Language School offers eight different levels of courses for adults, from beginner through to advanced. We also provide two courses entirely dedicated to conversation as well as customized courses for travelers. A unique educational opportunity is also available through the Study Abroad Program. This program enables our students to experience a memorable and enriching learning experience at institutions recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Il Centro is also proud to be the only school in the Vancouver metro area that provides a full range of courses for children and youth (age 2.5 to 16).

These unique Italian courses run every Saturday and various times during the week through our Outreach program allowing for continuous and structured learning throughout the school year (September – May).  During the summer months we offer a highly interactive Italian Summer Camp, Vacanze in Italiano, which allows children to learn Italian through engaging activities such as cooking, theatre, and sports.

Recently we launched a successful project, an Italian full immersion program for children 2.5 to 5 years old. The program is offered three days per week and allows for children to be immersed in Italian at an early age in order to naturally develop the language through an enriching and engaging experience.

Finally, in order to address the interest for the Italian language within the broader community, we are in the midst of developing an online Italian course in co-operation with Simon Fraser University and the Burnaby School Board.

For more information on children’s classes, click here.

For adults, we typically offer fall, winter, spring and summer Italian courses that combine language and culture. For more information on our adult classes, click here.

For any inquiries regarding the School, please contact Edda Onesti at (604) 430-3337 ext.239.