Il Futuro: The Future of the Italian Cultural Centre

The Italian Cultural Centre is a home.

It was built by pioneering Italians who shared the vision of an Italian village and is an anchor to the community by acting as a central a place to celebrate Italian culture, heritage and values. Over the years we have grown exponentially and created a large and lasting foot print in Vancouver’s vibrant cultural, arts, and community sectors. In order to remain a vital part of the lives of new generations of Italian Canadians and the surrounding community, Il Centro must evolve to provide new services and activities that the existing facilities cannot support.

In 2015 we went to the community and, after many initial consultations as well as an ideas fair, presented a summary report to our membership. Please follow this link for further information: 2015 Ideas Fair and Initial Consultations 

Since that time, we have been working with Bosa Properties and Henriquez Partners Architects, to envision a new future for our members and the community. A future that will allow the Centre to evolve and grow into a Cultural Community Centre where the notion of the Italian Village can thrive. These initial plans include a theatre, recreational amenities, child care facilities, restaurants, shopping, open air piazzas, gardens, classrooms, a museum, kitchens, a library, a sub-dividable hall for receptions and events, and purpose-built rental housing and much more.

At present, we are in the early stages of the process, and no rezoning application has been made to the city. We are currently completing an internal study and engagement process, and will proceed to a membership vote in the coming months. Should the membership vote in favour of pursuing a redevelopment proposal, we would then host a community open house.

Below are two fly through videos of the renderings of the new concept for the Italian Cultural Community Centre. The first video takes you through the new Centre’s entrance and down into the lobby and atrium. The second video showcases the exterior of the new conceptual designs as well as a walk through the “Corso” and “Il Giardino.”

For more information on this exciting project, please contact us at 604.430.3337.

We would like to thank our supportive partners: