Italian Film Festival

The Champion / Il campione

Info: Italy, 2019, 105 mins, DCP

Language: Italian with English Subtitles

Director: Leonardo D'Agostini

Cast: Stefano Accorsi, Andrea Carpenzano, Massimo Popolizio


  • Friday January 3, 2020 - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday January 9, 2020 - 6:00 pm

"Stefano Accorsi will move you with one of his best roles."

Set in the glossy world of professional, millionaire footballers, The Champion pairs versatile veteran Stefano Accorsi (The Italian Race) with an extraordinary Andrea Carpenzano (Boys Cry) in this odd couple story of a brilliant, pampered and sorely ignorant soccer superstar and the middle-aged teacher hired to get him through his high school diploma.

Carpenzano is Christian Ferro, a young striker for A.S. Roma. Growing up in a rough area is a far cry from the millionaire lifestyle he is now living, which has attracted party-animal friends from home as well as the return of his long-lost father. When Christian’s determination to prove to his friends that he remains rebellious lands him in trouble again, his coach gives him an ultimatum: get back in line and pass the high-school exam, or get out. Enter Valerio Fioretti (Accorsi), who is enlisted to tutor the troubled player. But Christian’s world of fame and Ferraris clashes with Valerio’s humble circumstances.

D’Agostini’s debut mixes fast life decadence, on-field action, and a much more modest, humble tale of two very different men connecting over text books and heart ache. It’s a funny, surprisingly tender movie told with plenty of energy and polish.