Italian Film Festival

Rainbow – A Private Affair (Una questione private)

Info: Italy, 2017, 84 mins, DCP, 19+

Language: Italian with English subtitles

Director: Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

Cast: Luca Marinelli, Valentina Bellè, Lorenzo Richelmy


  • Sunday January 7, 2018 - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday January 9, 2018 - 4:45 pm
  • Wednesday January 10, 2018 - 8:45 pm

"After a co-directing career stretching over 63 years, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani return to their origins in the atmospheric, often anguishing war drama Rainbow – A Private Affair, the story of a young partisan’s inner conflict between his passion for a woman and his urgent duty to fight the Fascists. This beautifully resonant screen adaptation of Beppe Fenoglio’s acclaimed novel — which has previously been made into a film and a TV movie — is at once a summing-up of the Tavianis’ filmmaking and an affirmation of their unshaken belief that human life is an uneasy compromise between the private and political spheres." Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

The Taviani brothers have been at the forefront of Italian cinema since the mid-1970s making distinctive and distinguished films like Padre PadroneKaosNight of the Shooting Stars, and more recently, Caesar Must Die and Wondrous Boccaccio. Sadly, Rainbow may prove to be their last film, yet this WWII love story is imbued with the sensitivity and contrarian impulses characteristic of the Tavianis. Milton, named after the English poet and played by Luca Marinelli (the villain in last year’s Italian Film Festival favourite, Jeeg, Robot), is madly in love with Fulvia (Valentina Belle). Their courtship is interrupted by the outbreak of hostilities, but when fighting in the Resistance Milton has occasion to revisit his hometown, and he seeks out his beloved…

The Taviani brothers’ Night of the Shooting Stars and Padre Padrone also feature in the Italian Film Festival this year.