Italian Film Festival



Info: Federico Fellini, 1972, 120 min

Language: IT, EN Subtitles

Director: Federico Fellini


  • Thursday January 12, 2017 - 3:30 pm

"The most enjoyable Fellini film." Roger Greenspun, New York Times

Now in its fourth year, the Vancouver Italian Film Festival offers a unique celebratory mixture of movies new and old. Each year we have featured a Fellini film, and this year il maestro gets things rolling with his typically ebullient portrait of the Eternal City. Fellini called Rome “the most wondrous movie set in the world,” and you get the full wonder in this cavalcade of documentary, travelogue, memoir and cinematic fantasia.

Featuring narration by Fellini himself and a mixture of real-life footage and fictional set pieces this is the Eternal City through the eyes of one of cinema’s greatest visionaries. It flows from episode to episode, beginning with the director’s early years arriving in Rome in 1931 during the time of Mussolini. Played by Stefano Mayore as a child, he visits the city with classmates and becomes infatuated. Played by Peter Gonzales at age 18, the young Fellini moves in to a tenement building and explores the wild characters living in neighbourhood.

The events that follow switch between the past and contemporary times, including a story line that involves a 1970s film crew making a movie about Rome. He also incorporates segments of Roman history and problems in the government, including an improvised speech from Gore Vidal. Throughout this journey there are visits to an outdoor restaurant, a movie theatre, a music hall, and a brothel. In one famously surreal segment, groups of clergymen gather together for a Catholic fashion show spectacle.