Italian Film Festival

THE MASS IS OVER (La messa è finita)


Info: 1985, 94 min

Language: IT, EN Subtitles

Director: Nanni Moretti

Cast: Nanni Moretti, Ferruccio De Ceresa, Marco Messeri


  • Sunday January 8, 2017 - 8:50 pm

"Insightful, moving, and often hilarious comedy-drama." TV Guide

North America didn’t lock on to Nanni Moretti’s talent until a little later, after Dear Diary and the Cannes winner The Son’s Room, but this early gem shows he was already producing splendid films from the outset of his career. A young priest, Don Giulio, struggles to maintain his faith. Having been a radical college student in the 1960s, Don Giulio has now rejected his long hair and liberal ideals in favor of the church. He has himself transferred to his home parish, only to discover the church empty and the town indifferent. Meanwhile, Don Giulio’s friends from his radical days begin popping up with their lives in serious disarray. Don Giulio seeks solace with his beloved family, but his family too is in chaos. The Mass Is Ended is a wonderful film that examines one man’s struggle to escape the difficult realities of everyday life by becoming a priest. As director, Moretti presents his characters in loving detail. He does not condescend to their craziness and instead embraces them as sympathetic people trapped in an insane world.