Italian Film Festival

La banda Grossi – The Grossi Gang

Info: Italy, 2018, 113 mins

Language: Italian with English subtitles

Director: Claudio Ripalti

Cast: Camillo Ciorciaro


  • Thursday January 10, 2019 - 7:45 pm

Central Italy, 1860: a poor farmer by the name of Terenzio Grossi leads a band of outlaws in local rebellion against the newly formed Piedmont State. Disillusioned with politics, hungered by ever-increasing taxes and unwilling to participate in the mandatory military draft, the gang will seize the Pesaro and Urbino Province with the help of a  restless and angry population.

In two years of violent unrest, the gang assumes the upper hand against timorous and ill-equipped local authorties. Only one soldier will pick up the fight and stand fearless in the line of duty: a brigadier of the Reali Carabinieri is determined to capture Terenzio and his gangmates at any cost.  This independently produced historical gangster film brings to life a turbulent and under-examined period in Italian history.

North American premiere.

A Q&A with the director Claudio Ripalti  will follow the movie.