Italian Film Festival

Black Sabbath

Info: USA, 1964, 92 min

Director: Mario Bava

Cast: Boris Karloff
Michèle Mercier
Jacqueline Pierreux
Susy Andersen
Lidia Alfonsi
Massimo Righi
Rika Dialina
Glauco Onorato


  • Saturday June 6, 2015 - 10:15 pm

BLACK SABBATH “I tre volti della paura” (Mario Bava, 1963 | 92 mins) | Mario Bava’s stylistic influence on cinema can not be understated, and BLACK SABBATH is a prime example of how his visual and structural aesthetic permeated the horror genre specifically. BLACK SABBATH is one of the most influential anthology films of the 20th Century, composed of a “trio of terror” whose narrative is held together via the powerful and very colourful narrator, Boris Karloff. Quentin Tarantino cited the structural style of the film as one of his influences on PULP FICTION and the title of the film was, quite famously, lifted by English metal band Black Sabbath.

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