Women’s Work : Reflections upon the History of Women in Textile

September 12th to Dec 30th

In honour of the Textile Association of America’s Annual Conference, held in Vancouver, the Italian Cultural Centre Museum (Il Museo) will be hosting the exhibition: Women’s Work: Reflections Upon the History of Women in Textile. Sixteen of the leading female professional fibre artists in British Columbia have been invited to participate. The exhibition committee consists of Barbara Heller, Tapestry Weaver, Catherine Nicholls, Fibre Artist and Angela Clarke, Museum Curator.


This exhibition examines the role of women throughout history. In pursuit of this concept the Curator Angela Clarke, selected 16 significant Italian works of art that either deal with themes pertaining to women or were created by women. It was the artists’ task to utilize these paintings as a starting point for their own explorations on the history of women.  Art works such as Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Teresa, emphasize women’s historic roles as mystic and spiritual teachers; the Ravenna Mosaics with Theodora, demonstrate women’s capacity to rule behind the throne. Finally, paintings such as Perugino’s Marriage of the Virgin look at the historic institution of marriage and women’s traditional role within it.

Please join us for this unique exhibition celebrating women and textile.



Catherine Nicholls, Barbara Heller, Linda Coe, Michelle Sirois-Silver, Ruth Jones, Anni Hunt, Eleanora Hannan, Bettina Metzkuhn, Kaija Rautiain, Jennifer Love, Constance Chapman, Susan Purney Mark, Yvonne Stowell,
Ruth Scheuing, Helen McCrindle