Real Life in Technicolor: Paintings by John Capitano

6 April- 15 May, 2017

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How do we respond to the world around us? How often do we have an awareness of the objects and items which enable us to function in our daily lives?  Whether it is the well-used appliances which end up in our kitchen sink; the street signs which help us negotiate the traffic; the overstuffed industrial garbage bin in the back of an alley or even the flowers in a garden which call out for us to take time to “smell the roses,” the artist John Capitano gives us a new awareness of our urban environs. Using a vivid palette, like anonymous graffiti message scrawled on a wall, he shakes us out of our somnolent state urging us to pay attention to the people, objects and surroundings which inhabit our environment and have become essential to our daily lives.