Chromatic Light

April 10 - June 20, 2018

Contemporary art historians have hailed our current age as the “end of art,” noticing that the traditional skills of art creation have become outmoded and antiquated.  Art theorists concur adding further that all the possible themes and motifs of artistic exploration have been utterly exhausted and depleted and there is nothing new to express.

The three artists participating in this current exhibition counter this prevailing perception of art. Returning to nature they take their brushes, paints and well-trained eye into the wilderness, reminding us that it is not only novelty which ushers in new epochs of art. Instead, these artists reveal that it is in the silence of the ambient world, outside the marketplace, that new modes of artistic practice can be found.  Capturing fleeting moments; visions overlooked by the modern eye, and emotions that are inexpressible in our current restricted vocabulary, these artists redefine true artistic exploration: the capacity to express in image that which cannot be articulated in words.