Brides: Portrait of A Marriage

June 27 - September 30

Fairytales always end with a wedding and then the “and they lived happily ever after.” Like the opening sentence “Once upon a time” these stories remind us that references to reality, time and complicated emotions are not the domain of passion and romance. Yet, despite our post-modern suspicion of traditional narratives, weddings remain a popular ending for romantic stories.

In art, a shift in perspective can be a powerful tool for examining and conveying ideas. In this series the artists have taken iconic images associated with marriage and endowed them with alternate meanings to shatter our preconceived notions about marriage, the bride and the most recognizable of all bridal images, the wedding dress.

This exhibition examines the more problematic aspects of marriage: arranged marriages, child brides, online dating, the regret of divorce, not to mention what must be done with the gown after the marriage has ended. Brides: Portrait of a Marriage, which opens at the end of June; the month named after the Roman goddess of marriage Juno, explores the reality of life after the “I do.”

Featured is the work of four accomplished artists (L. Broca, L. Coe, G. Gordon-Collins and B. Heller) who each contribute their unique perspective, personal experience and talent in their chosen genre.