Bingo Sundays

This Week’s Prizes: Sunday January 21st 2018

GBall: $30,000

Progressive: $11,000    51#

Loonie: $1,785

Toonie: $7,495

BINGO Office Phone Number: 604.430.9862




Be a big winner at the ICC’s Charity Bingo Sundays! The ICC has a long-standing tradition of hosting Bingo on Sundays as a fundraiser for our non-profit, charity organization.

We have been offering large payouts, a relaxed atmosphere to Bingo enthusiasts for over 25 years and our facilities use the latest state of the art equipment.

The doors to our elegant ballroom open at 2:00pm. Our guests can enjoy fun early bird games during the afternoon and a plate of traditional Italian pasta at unbelievably reasonable prices (ready after 4:00pm) or other delicious snacks while they prepare for the main Bingo event.

What happens at Charity Bingo Sundays?

We play 20 games of Regular Bingo (from 6:15pm until 9:30pm) with regular game prizes from $150 to $300 per game (subject to attendance).

Regular Game Cards come in booklets of 10 sheets (valid for 20 games) and their price varies according to how many cards are in a sheet:
– 6-up (6 cards) for $5.00
– 9-up for $7.50
– 12-up for $10.00
– 15-up for $12.50
– 18-up for $15.00
– 21-up for $17.50
– 24-up for $20.00
[Minimum one set of regular cards of any of the combinations listed above must be purchased to play any other game.]

Early bird game sheets are single sheets in a 6-up format, each sheet is $1.00.  There are three early bird games from 6:00pm until 6:15pm.

Three special early bird games are played in the afternoon: at 4:00pm, 5:00pm and just before 6:00pm.  Cards are $1.00 for each 6-up sheet for each game.

There are five specials:
– Reno, 3-up sheets are $1.00 each
– G-Ball, 4-up sheets are $2.00 each
– Progressive, 3-up sheets are $1.00 each
– Odd/Even, 3-up sheets are $1.00 each
– Bonanza, each card is $0.50
Dabbers are $2.00 each.

The specials are played throughout the evening. Progressive and G-Ball specials have increasing jackpots (until they are won).

We sell spaghetti with meat sauce for $4.00 and lots of other food and beverage items.

Volunteer for the Bingo

Do you want to volunteer for the Italian Cultural Centre during our bingo? Please fill out this form and send it back to us via fax (604 430 3331), email ([email protected]) or drop it off at our front desk.

Responsible Gambling

Always remember to gamble responsibly! Should you need help, please visit the Responbible Gambling website.
The Italian Cultural Centre’s BC Gaming Event Licence number #45600.