Zero Waste Initiatives

photo-1dThe Zero Waste Initiative is a key project component in the overall East Van Green program. Working with Recycling Alternative the project connects our existing programs with a unique closed circle/land use micro model that utilizes state of the art technology, namely a Green Good composter. The composter will not only reduce our carbon footprint and our organic waste disposal, but will also be incorporated into educational programming on site.

Education and demonstration sessions will occur in concert with our Farmers Market, through direct marketing, and in partnership with our local allies and compatriots.
Recycling Alternative will work with our animator/educator to hold demonstration and information sessions for other multi-purpose facilities (schools, community centres, shopping malls) as well as individuals, businesses and organizations.

IMG_8191The project serves as a proactive demonstration site and model for institutions and organizations trying to address and meet the Metro Vancouver’s changing organic waste by-laws, through innovative, community engagement and local neighbourhood level solutions.