Still Creek Tributiary Restoration

Still Creek

As we built out our community garden we discovered, through our research (see historical maps), that the drainage ditch from the Park, which crosses our property, was indeed originally part of the Still Creek Urban Watershed.

Our property was originally a series Beaver Dams and Salmon habitat that later became a garbage dump and land fill, to eventually become the home of the Italian Cultural Centre in 1977. This research led to a funding request to the Pacific Salmon Foundation who graciously approved a grant for il Centro to undertake a habitat restoration project for the tributary or feeder creek.


The project, slated to begin this September 2015, will bring together students from our resident Westside Montessori Academy with our Italian-Canadian youth group to rehabilitate the riparian zone, create a rain garden for the tributary as well as launch a new salmonoid in the classroom education program with our resident Montessori school.