Apply for a plot

Il Centro Community Garden Membership ($10 one-time fee) is required for all applicants.

Please consider the 2 types of community gardening offered this season:

Allotment Garden Plots

  • $40/season for 4’ x 10’ x 2’ raised wicking bed
  • 40 plots available for rent
  • Plot renters are able to renew their plots seasonally
  • Number of beds available will depend on how many returning gardeners there are from the previous season
  • Gardeners are required to maintain their plots autonomously with the organic community gardening guidelines

Communal Gardening

Communal Gardens are intended to allow gardeners to share in both the responsibility and the bounty of the garden.

  • $40/season for participation in the communal garden bed(s)
  • Allows opportunities to have first time gardeners work alongside more experienced gardeners
  • Flexibility with schedules

Communal gardeners agree to commit a minimum of 3-4 hours per month to the garden, to work cooperatively with other gardeners, and responsibly share the garden harvest.

Philosophy and Impact of the Garden

Il Centro Community Garden (ICCG) is a place for our community to grow: to grow food and our connection to one another and our neighbours. Our garden and programs strive to:

  • Celebrate growing food and eating it!
  • Explore our diverse cultural backgrounds and stories; promoting multi-cultural and intergenerational connections.
  • Connect and share the Italian Cultural heritage and tradition of growing and sharing food.
  • Foster civic pride.
  • Nurture a passion for gardening.
  • Inspire sharing, cooperation, and team work.
  • Promote sustainability, biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem.
  • Develop skills and techniques to grow and cook healthy food.

To join our Community Garden please fill in the application below, once the application is received you can expect to be contacted by our Garden Coordinator to confirm your plot and process payment:

Community Garden Plot Application

  • 1. Abide by the organic and wildlife-safe gardening guidelines of Il Centro Community Garden: *absolutely NO chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides *no on-site composting of food waste *timely harvest of garden bounty 2. Garden in such a manner as to build soil and increase fertility, increasing the diversity and resilience of the community garden ecosystem. 3. Be mindful of water use and strive to use this resource efficiently and sparingly. 4. Behave in a responsible and respectful manner towards other gardeners; deliberately not planting my garden in such a way as restricts my neighbor’s garden from flourishing. 5. Consistently maintain and care for my garden, understanding that garden access is limited and if I am not able to commit to my garden, my plot may be passed along to another aspiring gardener. 6. Plots must be planted by May 25, with exceptions made for extreme weather. Plots not utilized by this date must be reassigned. 7. Plots must be prepared for winter by November 1. I understand and agree that: 8. This Tenancy Agreement covers a time period between March 2019–February 2020. 9. Plots are assigned from a waiting list on a first-come, first -served basis. 10. I agree to participate in at least 1 of the 4 clean-up sessions (early spring-spring-summer-fall); the clean-ups will take place on Saturday mornings and the gardeners will be informed by email in advance regarding the schedule of the sessions. 11. If I fail to comply with the above conditions this contract may be considered void and/or my plot will not be reserved for next season. 12. Signing this agreement absolves Il Centro Community Garden from any liability, financial or otherwise, which may result from negligence or the inappropriate use of the power and hand tools, either by me or guests of mine.