Wonders of Italy


Learning about the hidden gems of Italy

These four English conversations will immerse you in authentic Italian history and culture, perfectly preparing you for your next trip to Italy by Eleonora, who is teaching Italian at our school! Historical, cultural and gastronomic contents will be covered for each region.

You can register for individual classes or for the total four-part package. The four-part series will cover:

– Urbino, a small university city missed off most tourist itineraries. But back in the 15th century, it was a powerhouse of the Renaissance…

– a stroll around Montefeltro, Recanati and the Marche hinterland

– The Temple of Valadier, enclosed by the rocky walls of the cave

– Ascoli Piceno

– Trabocchi coast

– L’Aquila

– Gran Sasso National Park, experiencing biodiversity, culture and excellent wine-and-food tradition.

– Courmayeur

– Gran Paradiso National Park, the oldest park in Italy

– Aosta

– Trieste, the maritime gateway for northern Italy, Germany, Austria and Central Europe. The end point of the Maritime Silk Road with the largest seafront square in Europe.

– San Daniele del Friuli

– Gorizia


Every conversation will be held by Eleonora at Italian Cultural Centre, starting at 6.30 pm until 8.30 pm, on MONDAY.

The last 30 minutes will be dedicated to opened questions.

Get your spot now at this link. Register today on Eventbrite.ca !

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