Spettacolo di Carnevale


Come dressed in costume and enjoy “il Martedì Grasso” in Vancouver, Mardi Gras, with this hilarious carnival performance for both children and adults!


This year the Carnival play is about Pulcinella, the most popular Neapolitan carnival mask.

He is tired of his white costume, white like a mozzarella. He would like to be all colored like Harlequin, Arlecchino, his friend from Bergamo, a city in the north of Italy. How can we help him understand the beauty and uniqueness of his dress?

In this performance, written by Patrizia De Cillis and played by I Giullari, we’ll see on the stage many others “maschere della Commedia dell’Arte”. The play is in Italian and English and it will be an enjoyable evening for all families and Italian students as well.

Join us and take part of this comedy of art, supporting the poor Pulcinella.

We can’t wait to see you wearing your beautiful carnival mask!!!

When: Tuesday, February 21st at 6pm

Where: ballroom of Il Centro, 3075 Slocan Street

FREE ADMISSION. Registration on Eventbrite.ca is highly recommended

Who is Pulcinella?

Pulcinella celebrates the funny side of life and all the positive feelings belonging to the Partenopean culture. He is the symbol of the city and Neapolitanity too: a character who fights the misfortunes and bad moods of life with the sound of mandolins and laughter, but also of good food.

The iconic images portray him intent on enjoying spaghetti with tomato sauce or a true pizza margherita.

– See below the pictures taken last year –

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