Il Cuore verde D’Italia. This lush green paradise lies in the heart of the nation and is known for its rolling hills, vibrant woods, flowing streams, and plentiful olive groves. Mystical stories that outlined the lives of many saints such as St Francis of Assisi and St Benedict are set in this very region. Many head to Perugia or Assisi on instinct but for a real taste of medieval Italy the towns of Todi and Gubbio are must sees.

Hai Fame?

Umbrian farro soup

Great soup for winter, made with "farro", prosciutto bone and tomato sauce.

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Arrosto di agnello

An entire young lamb roasted and seasoned delicately with garlic, rosemary, and sage.

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Pan Pepato

A salt free, airy bun. It’s filled with almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins and of course some candied fruits.

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Stay in Umbria

One Day

Perugia is the perfect starting point to really get your feet wet in Umbria. Packed with cafe-lined streets and defined by a bustling university setting it’s no wonder this city is known by many as the nation’s capital for people watching. Lovers of Jazz should stick around for the annual Umbria Jazz Festival.

Three Days

Enjoy the flavours of Umbria, like its unique olive oil and world famous Capocollo, typical of the Norcia tradition. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs, browse around artist ateliers to find the perfect artisan gift.

One Week

A visit to Assisi in the east is a must, even just to visit the Basilica di San Francesco. For a taste of Umbrian wilderness the Piano Grande offers breathtaking landscapes while Lago Trasimeno offers warm summer waters to enjoy watersports galore.