Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino Alto Adige

 This is where Italy, Austria, and Switzerland collide and the outcome is tremendous. The region is dominated by the jagged and legendary Dolomites which offer locals and visitors breathtaking vistas all year round. The double name is a literal combination of two distinct regions: Trentino in the south which connects heavily with its Italian roots, and Alto Adige in the north whose winding forest paths and landscapes echoes something out of a Brothers Grimm Fable.

Hai Fame?


This pasta literally translates to “little priest stranglers”. They’re essentially long spinach and potato gnocchi that melt in your mouth.

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Warm and hearty barley soup. It's loaded with local root vegetables and topped off with some smoked ham

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You are reading this correctly, it is in German. This piping hot German apple pie really showcases the germanic influences from the north. Perfect on a cool autumn day.

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Stay in Trentino Alto Adige

One Day

For a break from the adventure seekers take the train from Trento to Rovereto and experience MART for the day. This modern and contemporary art museum exhibits cutting edge pieces from an array of artistic practices including paint, sculpture, photography, and even video.

Three Days

Head to the mountains, strap on some skis and enjoy what the Dolomites have to offer. Madonna di Campiglio is considered by many as the best resort in all of Italy. It offers ski bum and thrill seekers over 150 km of ski runs and has a total capacity of over 31,000 people.

One Week

Head north to Bolzano, the capital of the Alto-Adige region, and regard the area’s most popular attraction. The infamous Ice Man, who died over 5000 years ago, is perfectly preserved here and put on display at the Otzi Museum. From here take La Strada del Vino towards the lowlands to experience the region’s fascinating wine culture.