It’s a place that D.H Lawrence described as “lost somewhere between Europe and Africa and belonging to nowhere.”
The island has a fierce sense of independence but now is more connected than ever to the mainland with its metropolitan airports. It offers the cleanest and most pristine beaches of the nation, while tourists find themselves strangely drawn to the unique ruins left behind by the Nuraghic civilization. It’s an island of unique wonder and excitement that easily distinguishes itself from the rest of the nation.

Hai Fame?


Basically Sardegna’s most famous dish. Little goat cheese filled pockets that are lightly tossed in honey and sugar.

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Another incomparable regional dish. This large bowl of gnocchi topped off with fresh basil, pecorino, saffron perfumed sausages and a thick tomato sauce.

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Aragosta Arrosto

Flamed grilled lobster, sliced completely in half and smothered in garlic, olive oil, and lemon.

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City Life

Cagliari  |  Olbia  |  Nuoro  |  Alghero


Italian Language  |  Arts  |  Culinary

Stay in Sardegna

One Day

Enjoy the spectacles that Cagliari has to offer like its Pisan towers and Roman ampitheatre. It acts as a first point of contact to island and contains all the typical amenities including cafe lined piazzas, portside bars and restaurants, and public gardens like the stagni lagoons.

Three Days

This island is just as much of a historical kaleidoscope as Rome is. Gothic and Baroque archetecture stands in stark contrast to Genoan fortresses and Nuraghic ruins. Every turn of the head seems to transport you into different epochs in time. Head to Alghero to get a taste of it all.

One Week

Make the town of Nuoro your base for the week and go explore the Gennargentu mountain range. The small villages of Aristo, Tonaro, and Fonni showcase the island’s rich and diverse traditions.