Known by its neighbors as the Italian Riviera, it’s easy to see why even locals consider Liguria the perfect vacation spot. Warm blue waters hug its coastlines while the notable vibrant colours of Cinque Terre contrast with the sheer rock faces they are built upon. Top off your day, whether it was relaxing by the beach or filled with adventure, with a plate of what Ligurians are known best for pesto.

Gems of Liguria

Hai Fame?


Steeped in tradition and also considered one of Liguria’s crowning achievements; the basil, garlic,and pine nut sauce goes with just about anything.

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Seafood soup. Traditionally it was considered a “leftovers” stew, now it’s found in most restaurants that line Cinque Terre.

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This crunchy chestnut and pine nut tart offers a sweet end to a great meal.

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Stay in Liguria

One Day

Take the day off and head to the beach. Cinque Terre is home to 5 of the most beautiful coastal towns in the world. You can hike to all of them or relax on the beach and soak in some sun.

Three Days

Head inland to Genova and experience the winding and tangled streets that define the cultural capital of the region. For lovers of the renaissance put Cattedrale di San Lorenzo and Via Garibaldi on your list.

One Week

Although a week doesn’t do this region justice it may just be enough time to explore another side of the Italian Riviera, Sanremo and Portofino. Music junkie? The San Remo Music Festival is your destination for Italy’s emerging talent. For more on Cinque Terre be sure to check out this in-depth and unique travel blog.