Lazio (Latium)

Lazio (Latium)

Home to possibly the most fascinating city in all of Italy. Rome at one time was the cultural and political capital of the entire known world. It’s streets and alleyways are still places where history literally collides head on to create a contemporary European capital vastly unique to anything you’ve seen before. Outside Rome’s city limits lie landscapes and historical sites simply awaiting discovery.

Hai Fame?

Pomodori Ripieni

Ripe sweet tomatoes stuffed generously with spiced rice, potato, basil, and garlic

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Cacio e Pepe

It is a staple dish here. Garnished with Pecorino and freshly grated pepper.

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One of Italy’s greatest contributions to humanity. This dense and sweet ice cream defies all classic definitions and is definitely in a class of its own.

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Stay in Lazio (Latium)

One Day

Welcome to Italy’s busiest and most metropolitan city. Surrounded by history and antiquity Rome can be a headache if not planned correctly. Stick with one era per visit and start at the beginning with the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. Shoppers? Make your way to Piazza di Spagna.

Three Days

Time to see the Vaticano, a country within the city. The Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and Palazzo Barberini are all within walking distance while the MAXXI exhibit offers a more contemporary viewpoint. Just a quick train ride out of the city’s core lies Ostia antica, an entire perfectly preserved fishing village that patiently awaits exploration.

One Week

Leave the city life and relax in one of the area’s many resorts such as Sperlonga and Gaeta. A trip to Ponza Island will give you another, almost southern, perspective of Lazio. Wine tours should also peak the interest of anyone who enjoys a nice glass of Cesanese Red.