Of course pizza enticed and secured your attention towards Naples and the south but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in Campania. Newcomers to this region need at least a week to take in the region’s capital and surrounding areas, while Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast offer a whole other range of experience and beauty. You can expect no less when the roman roots of its name literally translate to land of the happy.

Hai Fame?

Pizza Margherita

Another example of Italy’s crowning achievements. It’s tomato, basil, and mozzarella; simple, elegant, beautiful, and absolutely delicious.

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Ziti Ripieni

Stuffed pasta that’s jam packed with chopped up salame, pork, and caciocavallo cheese.

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Polpo Affogato

Being right by the sea octopus is brought in fresh daily. This one is “drowned” in a salty stock before being fried with tomatoes and peperonata.

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Stay in Campania

One Day

Explore everything that Napoli has to offer and surprisingly it’s not just amazing pizza. The Bay of Naples boasts endless harbors that house boats from around the world, while its inner city is a maze of hidden cafes, bars, nightclubs and piazzas.

Three Days

Go Island hopping for a couple days. Three days will allow you to see the three most famous in the area; Capri, Ischia and Procida offer crystal clear waters, Mediterranean atmospheres and luxury resorts that line its coasts.

One Week

The Amalfi Coast and Sorrento are next on your list of Italian adventures. Known throughout as one of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines it is lined with seaside hotels and bungalows, while Sorrento is home to the origins of the delectable lemon liqueur Limoncello.