The rural heart of the untouched south lies undisturbed within this region. Time seems to have almost stopped here and left the area steeped in tradition but don’t jump to conclusions of boredom and dullness just yet. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking along the coastlines as cliffs jut out on top of turquoise waters and sandy beaches hug its shoreline. Its an untouched beauty that awaits curious hearts and relaxed souls.

Hai Fame?


Soup of a thousand things. It’s leftovers at their prime. It’s a joyous mixture of fava beans, chick peas, cabbage, celery, mushrooms, and more.

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Filiei or Ricci di Donna

This strange looking pasta is literally translated to “lady’s curls” and is found in many calabrese dishes.

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Alalunga in Agrodolce

Sweet and sour tuna. It’s caught fresh from the sea and cooked in a sweet onion and vinegar sauce.

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Stay in Calabria

One Day

Stay in Reggio Calabria and explore the region’s biggest city. It’s a metropolis equipped with stunning beaches, sprawling streets, and botanical public gardens. Make sure Castello Aragonese and the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia, with its Bronzi di Riace, are on your must-see list.

Three Days

Mammola is Calabria’s cultural and artistic capital. Its streets are lined with cafes and restaurants that fuel its gastronomic reputation. Be sure to tour the famous art museum the MUSABA. For a break from the city head to the Polino mountain range and immerse yourself in some rural comfort only found in the south.

One Week

Take a week off and stay in one of Calabria’s world renowned seaside resorts. Scilla and Tropea are the most popular destinations featuring white sand beaches and tourquise shorelines. Santa Maria dell’Isola found along Tropea’s coast is a beachside sanctuary that seems to sum up Calabria in one iconic location.