La Befana is back at Il Centro for the first time since Covid-19 began!

On January 5th Patrizia (Betta) De Cillis’s play ll processo alla Befana \ The trial of the Befana will be performed with I Giullari and the support of the audience. FREE ADMISSION

From the plot:

They are trying to boycott the Befana, it’s all over the news.

They are saying she is too, old, ugly, slow and therefore she is not able to be the Befana anymore. But that’s impossible. Poor Befana, we need to help her. The Befana is the only one and they can’t exchange her.

Are you with US?

Come on January 5th at 6pm to help our famous old lady!

Who is the Befana and what she is known for?

In Italian folklore, the Befana is an old lady riding a broomstick, who brings good children treats in the night of January 5th.

According to a popular song about Befana, she is dressed “in the Roman custom” (col vestito alla romana). She enters houses through the chimney, and it’s also said that she sweeps the floor of a home before she departs, a symbolic gesture for clearing out the old just as the new year is dawning.

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