Stressed and Depressed? Depression in Women from the teenage to the golden years

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  • March 8, 2018
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Depression, handling stress and mental health have all been identified by our past attendees as important topics for future public events.  The format of the event will be a short introduction, followed by short 5 min “TEDtalk” like presentations from each of the experts followed by at least 1 h of public engagement where the public can address the speakers for any of the questions they have.
Mental Health, the stigma around mental health issues, is at the forefront of public attention these days so we know this will be another well attended event. Depression is the number one cause of disability worldwide and is twice more prevalent in women than in men. Furthermore, women are at greater risk for depression (first incidence of depression) during the postpartum period. Teens and university-aged students are at great risk to develop depression and other mental health disorders, likely due to the unique stressors of the time period. It is important for the public to be aware of the links between stress and depression, techniques for coping with stress, and the treatments for depression that may vary dependent on the age of the woman. Our experts will speak to unique challenges that each age group face, and the ability of antidepressants and other treatments to mitigate against depression during these time periods in a women’s life.

Shirley Weir, is a women’s health advocate, working to reframe the menopause conversation from something that has been traditionally viewed as negative, into a milestone worthy of celebration! She founded, which helps women navigate peri- menopause & menopause with confidence and ease.

We have three expert speakers on topics of mental health in women ranging from adolescent mental health, reproductive mental health (including postpartum) and perimenopausal/geriatric depression.

Dr. Deidre Ryan: More than the Blues: Depression during Pregnancy and after Childbirth

Dr. Ryan did her medical training in Ireland and her psychiatry training at U.B.C.

She has been working in the area of Reproductive Mental Health for the past 23 years. In 2012 she was made Medical Director of the Reproductive Mental Health Program at British Columbia’s Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Vancouver. She has been involved in expanding the Group Therapy Program and updating the Best Practices Guidelines related to Mental Health Disorders in the Perinatal Period. Her areas of interest include treating women with psychiatric illnesses associated with infertility and pregnancy loss. She is a Clinical Associate Professor at U.B.C. and is actively involved in teaching medical students and residents

Dr. Reema Jayakar: Women’s mood and thinking skills in the later years of life

Dr. Reema Jayakar was trained at Vancouver Coastal Health and Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where she received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology. Currently, she works at St. Vincent’s: Langara with Providence Health Care. Dr. Jayakar has a wealth of experience assessing mood and cognition in the elderly and behavioral management consultation. She is also passionate about providing psychotherapy services to ethnic minority women and enjoys making ideas and tools from psychology and neuroscience accessible to the public. Her research involves using MRI-based human neuroimaging techniques to develop a better understanding of brain-behavior relationships.

Dr. Joanne McDermid: Cultivating Resilience

Dr.Joanna McDermid is a consulting psychiatrist with BC Children’s Hospital with special interests in mindfulness and resilience.


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