Dante Lives! Dante & Today – A Roundtable

Date & Time

  • Dante Lives! Dante & Today - A Roundtable
    November 25, 2021
    5:45 pm - 6:45 pm


Dante Lives! Dante & Today – A Roundtable

This year we are celebrating 700 years since Dante’s death.

The last webinar of Dante Lives! is a roundtable, which brings together young students and Dr. Marguerite Chiarenza, expert of Dante’s works. This webinar focuses on how modern and established interpretations are rooted in Dante’s words and explores Dante’s original text.

About Dr Marguerite Chiarenza: she is a retired professor at University of UBC, French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies–Emerita; expert of Dante; Medieval Studies; Italian film.

Dante is the Poet of the Italian language, analyzed for centuries by academics all over the world. Dante’s visions have also inspired artists in creating paintings, comics, videogames and many other artworks that present adaptations of Dante’s stories and characters. Dante lives through these interpretations, which offer new ways to look at Dante’s themes and highlight the relevance of Dante’s work today.

This initiative celebrates Dante focusing on these modern adaptations of his work. It builds a bridge between a classic of the Italian language and contemporaneity. The aim is to offer a playful and interactive approach, which fosters curiosity and engagement with an author that 700 years after his death is still alive in our cultures.


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The project has been organized by the ICCS Italian Language School, with the attentive presence of UBC and the Consulate of Italy in Vancouver.


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