2018 F.G. Bressani Literary Prize


The winner of the 2018 edition of the F.G. Bressani Literary Prize is George AmabileMartial Music (Signature Editions, Winnipeg 2016).




Biennial “F.G. Bressani” Literary Prize

The Italian Cultural Centre Society established the Biennial F. G. Bressani Literary Prize in 1986 during the celebrations for Vancouver’s Centennial and the launch of the First National Conference of Italian Canadian Writers. The Centre’s Board of Directors accepted a proposal put forth by a local committee led by C. Dino Minni and Anna Foschi Ciampolini for the creation of a literary prize aimed at honouring and promoting the literary work of Italian Canadian writers.

The Bressani Prize, held every two years and originally dedicated to Italian Canadian literature, was later opened to writers from other cultures but was then discontinued for a few years. In 2000, the Italian Cultural Centre’s new F. G. Bressani Committee restored the original intent and meaning of the Prize to stimulate and enhance the literary production of works by Canadian authors of Italian origin or ancestry. The Prize is named after the Jesuit priest Father Francesco Giuseppe Bressani (Rome, 1612 – Florence, 1672) the first Italian missionary to Canada. Father Bressani published a significant book (Breve Relatione, «Brief Relations») which is considered to be one of the first Italian-Canadian literary works.


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