Legacy Club Campaign

How The ICC Legacy Club Monthly Giving Works

The new ICC Legacy Club is a monthly giving plan. Members of the Club make regular monthly contributions to the Centre in any amount they wish. Your gift is automatically transferred each month from your bank account or via credit card to the ICC. The ICC makes gift giving easy – you can continue to give without writing and mailing any more cheques, and your gift will create results right away. With our special thanks, we will send you a summary statement at the end of the year showing your total giving together with a charitable tax receipt for the total amount.

This form of support makes contributing to the ICC easier because you just have to activate the monthly gift once and your gift will create results right away and continue to do so into the future. You can discontinue your monthly giving at any time.

Here are some ways your gift will help:

  • Your gift helps us to offer children’s Italian language programs at subsidized prices so all families can afford to enroll their children.
  • Your gift helps us to create new programs and events to celebrate the Italian culture and heritage for Italians and non-Italians alike!
  • Your monthly contribution provides steady, dependable support which helps us to execute effective financial planning for the future growth and sustainability of the ICC.

These are some of the benefits that you will enjoy as a member of the ICC Legacy Club:

  • You can support the Italian Community/your community
  • You will be recognized in a variety of ways, including features in the ICC quarterly newsletter (circulation in community in print form 1500-2500 copies, plus electronic to 3000 e-subscribers and permanently archived on our website).
  • When your contribution reaches $1,000 your name (or a dedication you specify) will be added to the permanent ICC donor wall
  • When your contribution reaches $1500 you (or an individual you may designate) will be entitled to lifetime membership at the ICC
  • Legacy Club members will be invited to advance, guided viewing of exhibitions in the ICC Museo
  • Legacy Club members will be treated to leadership receptions and cocktail receptions
  • After one year of Legacy Club Membership, you will receive “Donor Membership Status” which will entitle you to vote and run for election to the ICC Board of Directors
  • You will receive an official tax receipt at the end of each year for your annual contribution
  • Those who join the Legacy Club in its inaugural year, 2011 (also the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy) will be forever recognized as founding members of The ICC Legacy Club.

Even small monthly contributions will make a significant difference in someone’s life. Here are a few examples of how your monthly pledge can help so many:

  • $10 per month will allow the ICC Library to purchase new Italian language DVDs, books and other resources.
  • $18 per month allows a senior at Casa Serena or Villa Carital to celebrate monthly Birthday Celebrations for one year.
  • $25 per month funds a year’s registration in weekly Italian language classes for one child. Or one year of transportation for a senior to go on day trips and outings.
  • $25 per month allows a child to attend a week of full-time Vacanze in Italiano Italian immersion summer camp.
  • $100-200 per month will create a generous scholarship to give a motivated and deserving student a start at university.
  • $300 per month finances the production of one issue of our Quarterly newsletter Il Centro that reaches over 3500 households.
  • $500 per month will provide instruction for an Italian youth theatre program for a group.

Getting Started

Decide how much you wish to give each month.
Fill out the Legacy Club registration form for your first month’s gift.
Return your form (with a completed cheque, if that’s your preferred method of payment) to the Italian Cultural Centre.
On the same day of each month, your gift will be automatically transferred to the ICC. Your transfers will continue until you notify us otherwise.

Some Testimonials

“It means the world to me to know that my daughter will be able to communicate with our family in Italy when we visit them in the summer! Her Italian lessons are keeping our family ties alive.” (Mother of Italian language school youth program student)

“I’m grateful my father has a safe and familiar place where he can spend time with his friends, play bocce, speak his native language and feel at home. The Italian Centre really is his second home!” (Member’s daughter)

“Wow! You have the best Italian book collection for kids! I can’t wait to go back and tell our members about it.” (a visiting local Librarian)

It is not hard to make a small monthly contribution and at the end of the year your donation will add up to a substantial Tax Receipt.
Please click on the below link if you are interested in joining the Legacy Club.

For more information on planned charitable gifts and donations contact your professional tax advisors. For more information on providing charitable gifts and donations to the ICC, please contact Joan D’Angola Kluge, Executive Director, at 604 430 3337 or [email protected]