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Imagine An Italian Village In The Center Of East Vancouver…

Now imagine taking in a morning workout at La Palestra, then swinging by the new Osteria for a panino and café, and possibly continuing your leisurely afternoon by visiting Il Teatro to catch a matinee or the resident theatre group’s newest production. Now imagine if you could do all that and more without having to walk more than 50 metres. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Well, it is…for the time being. But now you can help us make this dream a reality and at the same time create an enduring legacy for generations to come.

You are an integral part of the Italian Cultural Centre (ICC). Perhaps you were one of the pioneers who helped to build the ICC and found the dream over 30 years ago. Or maybe you are one of the steadfast volunteers who devote countless hours to ensuring that our outstanding and unparalleled Italian language and cultural programs continue to thrive in our community. Or perhaps you have come to the ICC for Italian classes, wine tastings, museum exhibits or to take books out of the library for yourself, your children or grandchildren. Whatever your connection to ICC, you know how important it is, both to the people of Italian heritage and to the wider community.

ilcentroabout2At the same time that you are supporting the ICC for personal reasons, donations to the ICC , because of its status as a registered charity, can also generate numerous tax benefits, both for you now, and later for your estate. The ICC has a proud history and a bright future. It is continually working to build the dream of the Italian Village by enhancing the unity of our Italian community, by nourishing exchanges among people of all ages, and strengthening bonds between cultural communities. Your donations can help us to not only continue our work, but also to make the dream a reality!

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