About Us

The Italian Cultural Centre, or Il Centro, has been an essential part of Vancouver’s cultural landscape for more than three decades. It opened in 1977 when its founding members, 13 existing Italian Associations, came together “to promote Italian culture, values and heritage and to share these with other communities.”

We have since grown to more than 700 member families and regularly welcome individuals and groups from across the city. Whether for our exceptional catering and banqueting facilities, our language classes or our breadth of cultural activities, Il Centro is one of the most cherished event venues in Vancouver and a destination for those who appreciate authentic, cultural activities.

Through our collective love of art, food, wine, design, film, music and literature, we proudly share our culture with our community, and welcome all who wish to be part of our vibrant destination in Vancouver.

Our Mission

To promote Italian culture, heritage and values
and share these with other communities.


Fabio Rasotto, Director of Catering, [email protected]
Giulio Recchioni, Cultural Director, [email protected]
Edda Onesti, School Director, [email protected]
Irada Yuzbayova, Director of Finance[email protected]
Angela Clarke, Museum Curator, [email protected]
Jackson Noah, Executive Chef, [email protected]
Samantha Balenzano, Catering and Events Co-ordinator, [email protected]
Vittoria Guastafierro, Executive Assistant, [email protected]
Luca Conte, Librarian, [email protected]
Sara Fera, School Assistant, mailto:[email protected]
Alessio Coccia, Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator, [email protected]

Board of Directors

Michael Cuccione, President
Randy Rinaldo, Vice-President
Mary McMullen, Treasurer
Marinella Michielin, Secretary
Joe Finamore, Executive Member
Vito Bruno
Lidia Catalano
Steven Comin
Carmelina Cupo
Mike Lombardi
Mario Miceli
Walter Picco
Carla Finamore, Chairperson of the Members

Annual Report

Annual Report 2018