The Italian Cultural Centre features several community awards intended to promote and perpetuate the Italian-Canadian heritage and to acknowledge the importance of Italian immigrants towards the construction of the fascinating multicultural Canadian mosaic.

Biennial “F.G. Bressani” Literary Prize


The Italian Cultural Centre Society established the Biennial F. G. Bressani Literary Prize in 1986 during the celebrations for Vancouver’s Centennial and the launch of the First National Conference of Italian Canadian Writers. The Centre’s Board of Directors accepted a proposal put forth by a local committee led by C. Dino Minni and Anna Foschi Ciampolini for the creation of a literary prize aimed at honouring and promoting the literary work of Canadian writers of Italian origin or Italian descent.

The Bressani Prize, held every two years and originally dedicated to Italian Canadian literature, was later opened to writers from other cultures but was then discontinued for a few years. In 2000, the Italian Cultural Centre’s new F. G. Bressani Committee restored the original intent and meaning of the Prize. The Prize is named after the Jesuit Father Francesco Giuseppe Bressani, an Italian missionary, born in Rome on May 6, 1612.

PLEASE NOTE: The 2020 edition of the F.G. Bressani Literary Award has been canceled.

Hall of Fame

awards The Hall of Fame was created in 1981 with the scope of recognizing and celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of individuals who have distinguished themselves in our community and in the community at large. Every year, the Centre inducts a particularly deserving nominee or nominees to its Hall of Fame. Help us give due recognition to those individuals whose achievements deserve to be celebrated! Submit a nomination using the Nomination Form with Rules and Regulations. Please read the Rules and Regulations before filling out the printed form. The completed form can be mailed, faxed or dropped off.

Immigrant of the Year

Every year the Italian Cultural Centre awards a particularly deserving nominee as the Immigrant of the Year. The Centre invites the community to help recognize deserving individuals who have immigrated to BC from Itay and brought pride to the Italian-Canadian community of British Columbia through his or her a) achievements, b) volunteer work, c) support of charitable causes, d) contributions or academic pursuits, e) philanthropy. To make a nomination please view and print the Nomination Form. Please read the Rules and Regulations before filling out the printed form. The completed form can be mailed, faxed or dropped off.

PLEASE NOTE: The 2020 edition of the Immigrant of the Year Award has been canceled.